Cristin Keely

Certified Life Coach and Tutor

Connection. Empathy. Kindness. Teamwork. Support. Real listening.

These experiences are important in making life better, and I want to provide them for people who need them. From the time I was young and into adulthood, I have valued these qualities in theory and in action: as a committed team player, a caring roommate, a trusted friend, a helpful co-worker, a dependable teacher, a devoted parent, and now — a supportive life coach and academic tutor. In these current roles, I get to use the experience of my life and the training I have done to be of help to those who need help finding a path forward in their life, work, and academics.

My Work as a Life Coach

I help adults, young adults and adolescents through times of challenge, stress, and transition by giving clients the support they need to get clear about what they want and take action that is right for themselves and their families. I have helped young adults through the transition into adulthood and work life. I coached parents on setting work, health, and social goals and making a plan for achieving those goals. I supported parents in coping with the complications of parenting through the pandemic, and facing the concerns of taking care of oneself and one’s child throughout a custody dispute. I have coached tweens on the transition to middle school and the changes they face socially, academically, and with increased responsibility. I supported a teenage child of divorce on how to navigate the dynamic of two different households while becoming more independent. Other things adolescents might work on with me on are thinking about the future they want in high school and beyond, how to balance the responsibilities of school and other interests, and relating to family and peers through the many transitions of adolescence.

My Work as a Tutor

I support students in improving reading and writing skills, tackling essay and creative writing, improving organization and executive functioning, preparing for standardized tests, and writing admission essays. I use individualized strategies to strengthen reading skills, demystify writing, and improve executive functioning skills. I help students prepare for standardized tests, and write successful high school and college application essays. I promote students’ academic success by setting goals and routines that they can stick to.