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Why life coaching?

Life coaching supports you in finding the direction and confidence you need to make positive changes in your personal and work life. Coaching can help you:

Some Types of Coaching I Offer Clients:

Life Coaching

Life coaching  helps clients find the direction they need to improve life through positive growth, get clear on what they want in life and work, and find clarity on their long-term goals. Some ways I do this is helping clients recognize their skills and unique abilities so they can get the most out of their strengths, Set clear goals and decisions, and make commitments that are right for them. Generally being an addition to their support networks when they need a little extra for facing life’s challenges.

Confidence Coaching

Confidence coaching allows clients to gain the confidence they need to do what is best for them. Confidence coaching clients gain confidence by acknowledging the skills and resources you already have, work to add the support you do need to feel confident, practice the use of self-confidence in daily life, and use that self-confidence to achieve your long and short-term goals.

Communication Coaching

Communication coaching helps people acquire the tools they need to communicate clearly and peacefully in order to restore harmony in difficult relationships. This coaching helps clients communicate in ways that let them deal with issues, restore harmony to families in conflict, and have the difficult conversations necessary so they can make choices that help solve current issues and let them experience more peace and harmony in their relationships. This can also help parents who want to communicate with their children peacefully in the different phases of their parent-child relationship.

Transition Coaching

Transition coaching gives clients extra support when going through big life changes. Some changes people might want support during are making a move or career change, graduating from school, getting over a breakup or divorce, having kids, facing menopause, or navigating the pandemic. This gives clients the additional support to face the challenges that come from big change, helps clients motivate to make the changes they need during a transition, get clear on their long-term goals, and find tools to manage the stress of big change.

Coaching for Stress Management and Finding Balance

Coaching for stress management and balance helps people find balance in their life and create plans to reach personal goals. It is helpful for people who need help managing stress or anger, maintaining a good life-work balance, or desire to simplify their life in order to be more productive or minimize stress. Some ways clients can be helped in managing stress is working together to get clear about what is most important to spend their time on, setting priorities, managing time, and addressing the habits that get in the way of moving toward a more peaceful and balanced life.

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