Writing Coaching and Tutoring

For Students in Middle School through College

Writing coaching is about supporting students throughout the writing process so they can do their best and acquire tools for future academic and writing success. At Due North Coaching, I meet students where they are. As a writing coach and tutor, I find the tools and techniques each individual student needs to improve their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills so that they can be successful in all subjects. I help students identify and acknowledge what they already know, and build on those skills to get to the level they want to be at. I bring my knowledge of education, my patience, and my understanding of how to communicate with kids to create an environment in which students are comfortable asking for help, and motivated to do better.

I am a certified English Language Arts (ELA) teacher with over 10 years of experience. I have taught ELA, social studies, nonfiction, media literacy, and have worked with small groups in all academic subjects. I have taught students of varied experiences, backgrounds, and grade levels. My skills have helped new language learners acquire language proficiency, struggling students to reach grade level in their skills, and excelling students to push their thinking and writing even further.

Ways I Help Students

Focus on Writing Coaching

As a writer, I understand the power of good writing. As an educator, I understand that creating good writing can sometimes feel daunting, frustrating, or even mysterious. I take the mystery and stress out of writing by supporting students throughout the writing process. 

Due North Coaching helps students write essays, fiction, and narrative nonfiction in a way that is organized, detailed, uses their own voice, and reflects their best self. We work together using the following writing process for any assignment:

What Clients say About Me

$125/single session
$400/ 4 sessions